Timeline: ADF deaths in Afghanistan

Forty-one Australians serving with the Australian Defence Force have been killed in Afghanistan since troops were sent there in 2001.



July 2 – Australian Special Forces soldier Lance Corporal Todd Chidgey was killed in a ‘non-combat related incident’. 


June 22 – Corporal Cameron Stewart Baird MG, 32, from the Special Operations Task Group was killed in small arms fire engagement in Afghanistan.


October 21 – Corporal Scott James Smith, 24, with the Special Operations Task Group was killed in an IED explosion.

August 30 – Private Nathanael Galagher, 23 and Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald 30, were killed when a ISAF helicopter they were travelling in crashed while attempting to land in Helmand province.

August 29 – Sapper James Martin, 21, Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, 40 and Private Robert Poate, 23, were killed in southern Uruzgan by a man wearing an Afghan army uniform.

July 2 – Sergeant Blaine Flower Diddams, a 40-year-old soldier was killed during an engagement with insurgents while on a partnered mission with Afghan security forces targeting an insurgent commander. He was a member of the Perth-based Special Air Service Regiment.


October 29 – Corporal Ashley Birt, 22, Lance Corporal Luke Gavin, 27 and Captain Bryce Duffy, 26, were killed in an incident reportedly sparked by an Afghan army sergeant turning a machine-gun on Australian soldiers tasked with training him, during a weekly parade inside a forward operating base at Shah Wali Kot, in Kandahar Province.

August 22 – Private Matthew Lambert, 26 was a member of the Mentoring Task Force. He was killed when an improvised explosive device detonated as he was on a night patrol near outpost Patrol Base Anaconda in the Khaz Oruzgan region, about 85km northeast of the main base at Tarin Kowt.

July 4 – Sydney-based 2nd Commando Sergeant Todd Langley, 35, died from a gunshot wound to the head after an incident in southern Afghanistan.

June 6 – Australian soldier Sapper Rowan Jaie Robinson, 23, was shot dead by insurgents in the northern Helmand province.

May 30 – Twenty-five year-old Lance Corporal Andrew Gordon Jones was shot by an Afghan soldier who fled the scene, while another, Lieutenant Marcus Sean Case, 27, died when the Chinook helicopter he was travelling in crashed.

May 23 – Sergeant Brett Wood, 32,was killed conducting clearance operations in southern Afghanistan. This brings the current Australian death toll from the conflict to 24.

February 19 – Sapper Jamie Larcombe, 21, was killed during un-partnered patrol in Oruzgan province, where insurgents launched a coordinated attack with machine gun and small arms fire.

February 2 – Corporal Richard Edward Atkinson, 22, was killed by a roadside bomb while conducting a foot patrol with the Afghan National Army. He was engaged to be married.


August 24 – Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney, 28, was killed in a firefight. The soldier from the 6th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment was patrolling in the Green Zone in the Oruzgan province, recently handed over by the Dutch, alongside Afghan troops.

August 20 – Private Grant Kirby, 35, and Private Tomas Dale, 21, from the sixth Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, were both killed by an IED (improvised explosive device) which went off when the pair were overseeing an Afghan army patrol in the Baluchi Valley.

August 13 – Trooper Jason Thomas Brown, 29, from Perth’s Special Air Service Regiment, died after being shot during an engagement with insurgents.

July 9 – Private Nathan Bewes, 6th Battalion, of The Royal Australian Regiment is killed by an IED.

June 21 – A helicopter crash not related to enemy fire kills three Australian Army Special Forces soldiers from the 2nd Commando Regiment (formerly known as 4RAR Commando Battalion) – Private Timothy Aplin, Private Scott Palmer, and Private Benjamin Chuck.

June 7 – A Taliban bomb kills Brisbane-based 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment’s Sapper Jacob Moerland, 21, and Sapper Darren Smith, 25, as well as their bomb-sniffing dog.


July 18 – An improvised explosive device claims the life of Private Benjamin Ranaudo, 22, from the 1st battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) north of Tarin Kowt.

March 19 – Explosive ordnance disposal specialist Sergeant Brett Till, 31, dies during an attempt to defuse a roadside bomb in Oruzgan Province. He is from the Holsworthy-based Incident Response Regiment.

March 16 – A firefight with the Taliban north of Tarin Kowt leaves Corporal Mathew Hopkins, 21, dead. He was a member of Australia’s mentoring and reconstruction taskforce that trains Afghan troops.

January 4 – Private Gregory Michael Sher, 30, a South African-born reservist from Sydney’s 1st Commando Regiment, is killed in a rocket attack in the Oruzgan Province.


[December 17 – Rifleman Stuart Nash, 21, was killed in combat while serving with the British Army in Helmand Province.]

November 27 – An IED blast in Oruzgan kills Lieutenant Michael Fussell, 25, from 4RAR Commando Battalion.

July 8 – The Perth-based Special Air Service Regiment lost its New Zealand-born signaller Sean McCarthy, 25 in an IED blast.

April 27 – A battle with the Taliban in Oruzgan Province kills Lance Corporal Jason Marks, 27, from 4RAR Commando battalion.


November 23 – Taliban fighters kill 4RAR Commando Battalion’s Private Luke Worsley, 26, in Oruzgan Province.

October 25 – SASR Sergeant Matthew Locke dies in a firefight with insurgents in Oruzgan Province.

October 8 – An IED blast in Oruzgan Province claims the life of Trooper David Pearce, 41, from 2/14 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry).


February 16 – A patrol vehicle strikes an anti-tank mine, later killing Sergeant Andrew Russell, SASR.