Man’s finger torn off in iPad robbery

A thief’s thirst for a brand new iPad cost a US man not only the much-coveted device but also two-thirds of his little finger.


Doctors had to amputate part of Bill Jordan’s left pinky after a man yanked away a bag containing an iPad that Jordan had just bought at a Colorado shopping mall.

Jordan, 59, had the cord of the bag wrapped around his left hand when the thief “completely blind-sided” him and jerked the bag off his hand, stripping the flesh of Jordan’s finger down to the bone.

“He kept pulling until something had to give, and it wound up being my finger,” Jordan said. “There was nothing but bone showing on the whole back of the pinky… The skin was just gone.”

Jordan, from Aurora, near Denver, said he had no idea anyone was following him when he left an Apple store and he didn’t expect to be robbed of his purchase in broad daylight.

Nerve damage to fingers

Jordan said he had purchased the tablet computer for a friend in Canada, where the iPad is not yet available for purchase. He hasn’t had a chance to tell his friend yet.

Because the item was heavy, he had wrapped the bag’s handle – a thick cord – around his hand.

Jordan said there was also some nerve damage to his ring finger, but they were able to remove his wedding band from the swollen finger without cutting it.

Police were still searching for the thief Tuesday.

“I certainly hope they catch the guy,” Jordan said. “I would hate to think that somebody else would have to go through this.”

Police have security footage from the Thursday theft and have obtained the serial number of the iPad from the Apple store.

As for Jordan, his larger bandages have been removed, and his stitches will be removed on Friday.